Cash Management Solutions

Gain greater control of your cash flow

From helping you collect funds faster to mitigating cash handling risks, we offer a full menu of solutions to help you manage your cash and payments with greater efficiency. 

For more information or to tailor solutions to your business needs, please contact your Relationship Manager.

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Manage excess cash with liquidity management solutions.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Automatically and cost-efficiently consolidate deposits made at any Fifth Third location into a single concentration account. ZBAs enable you to effectively manage your daily cash position by reducing excess balances while retaining distinct information and audit trails on transaction activity.

Investment Sweep

Maximizes excess balances by automatically sweeping those balances into a short-term, interest-earning, investment vehicle.

Credit Sweep

Collected funds in excess of a pre-determined target balance are automatically swept out of any checking account and are used to offset an outstanding loan. Additionally, funds if available can be drawn down on the loan to fund the balance needs of the checking account when applicable.